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Outdoor table and bench sets

A combination of massive wood and metal legs makes for an industrial modern design table and bench set.

The metal and timber surfaces are adapted for outdoor use with protective coatings.

Different colors and structures of metal bases and wooden surfaces are available upon choice, allowing for adaptation to existing interiors and exteriors.

table | 80 cm x 150 / 200 cm x 75 cm height
bench | 40 cm x 150 / 200 cm x 45 cm height

metal | steel coated with Zinc Primer and powder coated
timber | oak, fir, spruce, oak with oil protection or varnish

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Outdoor stolovi i klupe

The prices of products you can get on request. Currently we accept pre-orders.
We offer the possibility of buying only metal legs with their corresponding connectors. Differences in the prices of sets are based on the differences in the prices of wood materials and the chosen product’s length (150 cm or 200 cm).

All parts of the product can be used outdoors without any additional protection.

For more informations about dimensions, prices and tehnical specifications, please contact us.

Vanjski stolovi i klupe