Outdoor benches and tables

The metal and timber surfaces are adapted for outdoor use with protective coatings. Different colors and structures of metal bases and wooden surfaces are available upon choice. Learn more..

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Archive-Storage Shelving

Shelves, shelving units and wardrobe cabinets are intended for professional use. All shelving units are stable, with high carrying capacity and freestanding in space. Learn more..

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Wall Shelving Units

This type of shelving system offers height flexibility. If necessary, the shelf can easily be unfastened and moved to another slot. Learn more..

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Wood Construction Connectors

Steel connectors for joining roof structures, canopies, wooden and garden houses, as post bases for wooden beams, horns, laths, fences and other timber structures. Manufactured according to professional standards and protected against corrosion by galvanization processes. Learn more..

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Metal Furniture Parts

Chair constructions, table legs and bases for cabinets, beds, benches and other furniture parts are produced according to project requirements. Learn more..

Metal promotional stands

Stand-alone stands for product promotion and branding in sales spaces are tailored to the product features and marketing. Learn more..

Basic Shop Systems

Shelves and equipment for shops, showrooms and other sales areas. A modular system that provides great flexibility in furnishing processes. Learn more..

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Additional Information

Find out more about shelving systems and construction connectors on our webshop where information is available for each product: dimensions, specifications, assembly, delivery services and pricing.

For all products on request, send us an inquiry  with as much information as possible, including a drawing, photo or sketch, so that we can answer your inquiry as best as we can.