Transparent Matte Powder Coating

Transparent Matte Powder Coating

An excellent solution for retaining the original look of metal with anti-corrosion protection. Powder coating is a method of metal surface protection against corrosion that is very important for objects exposed to outdoor influences.

What is powder coating?

The method is based on the application of powder coating and the polymerization of the powder at a certain temperature. The powder coated layer is resistant to corrosion, heat and abrasion. This metal protection method meets contemporary environmental standards and is the healthiest and most environmentally friendly and acceptable method for enhancing materials. It allows unlimited color choices according to RAL charts and different structures. 

New trends

In addition to the usual RAL colors, we are working on introducing new powders for a specific finish. In addition to the mentioned transparent powder coating that comes in a matte or shiny variant, we also use powders in the color of copper, gold, and our own version of the transparent black that leaves the final appearance of the small irregularity in material.