New fiber laser for laser cutting sheets and tubes

New fiber laser for laser cutting sheets and tubes

We recently launched a new 4 kW laser that uses fiber laser technology. The principle of fiber laser technology is based on the use of a special optical fiber bundle as an active medium with a thickness of just a few μm. 

Cutting of highly reflective metals

Compared to classic CO2 lasers, fiber lasers enable faster, simpler and more efficient cutting of metals, especially of highly reflective metals such as aluminum, brass and bronze less thicknesses. 

Energy saving and environmental protection 

They also use far less electricity, thereby releasing less harmful gases into the atmosphere. Depending on the type of material and thickness of the same, nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and air are used for cutting. The right combination of gases and materials provides significant energy savings and ultimately lower the cost of laser cutting. . 

Laser cutting of round tubes and square and rectangular profiles 

The new laser has an integrated module for laser cutting of square or rectangular profiles and round tubes max. diameter 250 mm and length of 3 meters. Desk table is 1.530 mm x 3.050 mm.

By purchasing this machine, we strive to provide a complete service of laser cutting of sheets, pipes and profiles to all our current and future partners :)